Seeing a dietician.

My friends. I haven’t mentioned before that I’m seeing a dietician now.

I was that tired of my situation. I was so utterly tired of always feeling tired and in pain. Without energy. Always getting angry over nothing. Bad memory and social media coping mechanisms.

Today, I can tell you that the diet helps. It’s only been about 3 weeks. I’m on a very basic diet without anything special, tailored to my specific situation. And although I’m still occasionally in pain.. I feel like I have my energy back.

I’ve gone outside spontaneously to buy a replacement lightbulb. I went out the door with a goal in mind. Without talking myself into it. It’s a good change. It’s nice. It’s only been 3 weeks tho but we’ll stick to it. I need to. I need this. I need to focus on my health and it’s not something I can avoid.

Having a chronic illness isn’t something that you can magically fix. There’s no treatment that’s “one fits all”. We’re all different and we need different diets and treatments. It’s, unfortunately, a thing. And it sucks.

7 years ago, I found out I have pcos. Had it the moment I entered puberty. During pregnancy the insulin resistance got out of hand and everything went to shit. I only found out less then 2 years ago.

I’m struggling. It’s hard. But now I’ve got a lead. I’ve got a lifeline. And I’m going to have to stick to it.

I have to do this. For myself. Or I’ll die in disappointment and disgust at myself. And I refuse to let this get even more out of control.

So I’m doing better. The dietician is nice and understanding. She keeps in mind that I’m autistic and have certain foods I dislike. There’s no forcing, no ridiculing, talking to her is really nice and I feel understood.

It’s good. I’m happy right now.

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