Bored but free.

It’s late. The afterburn from deleting social media is making me restless and agitated because I am bored and the boredom is making my brain think. I feel like I haven’t had a proper thought in years.

It was a crutch to get through my depression but I’m getting better now. And I’m tired of being a slave to my phone. But now I’m bored. And I’m thinking of things I could do instead. Like going outside.

Like my laundry. Which has been neglected. And sorting clothes. I mean, I don’t really need those shirts with holes in them anymore now do I? I’m not depressed to the point of self-neglect anymore.. right?

It’s annoying because I’ve felt slightly lonely.. which I haven’t felt for a long time. The need to hang out with friends. But.. I barely have any friends left. And how do you make friends when you.. don’t go outside?

It’s good to get things in order. Letting go of social media means I’m putting priority on myself again. I don’t need it as a coping mechanism anymore. I no longer need it to escape. I’m still not better but my mind is there.

I might blog more often now that I’m no longer sucked into mindless scrolling.

It’s freeing.

2 responses to “Bored but free.”

  1. Indeed it is. Find a hobby. Read a book. Make a list of your likes that wouldn’t have you on social media and do them. Enjoy the outdoors.
    You’re free. Enjoy. Now do something positive and beautiful with it.🙂

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    • I’ve thought about it a lot and going outside of definitely one of the things I should do!

      I have plenty of time to figure things out. 😊


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