Removing social media apps.

I guess it’s silly in this day and age that I’m removing social media apps but they, to some point, control me. And I dislike that I can’t stop myself. I dislike that I’m not in control of myself.

I’m trying hard to get well and social media isn’t helping me with that. It’s not that I’m very active because I barely have a presence but I lose myself in the endless mindless scrolling. And that’s not ok.

I’m at that point I don’t even remember what I used to do in my spare time except for wasting time on my phone and it annoys me to death that I can’t spend a single moment without this cursed thing.

Unfortunately I can’t completely throw this thing in the garbage because of school reasons but I’m trying hard to removing anything that might end up in endless zombie-like behaviour. It’s not healthy. It completely numbs my brain.

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