Slightly obsessed.

Lately my interests have been slowly creeping back into my life. I’ve been listening to music more often. I’ve ordered 2 physical books. I’ve been looking more at clothing I like instead of only checking for comfort.

And after I found this one band I just couldn’t stop listening. It’s basically been on repeat for the past 2 or 3 weeks. It’s been pushing me to feel the things I’ve been avoiding to feel.

I had forgotten how the right music could drag me back up. How much easier it is to process emotions when I have music to guide me through them. I’m so glad that there’s the internet or I probably wouldn’t have discovered them.

I don’t often talk about my taste in music since it’s a bit on the heavy side most times, and perhaps a bit on the weird side, but I like it and that’s what’s important.

So I guess I’m slightly obsessed with this band to the point of looking forward to them going on tour next year.

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