It’s okay to not be okay.

You can’t always be at 100%. You can’t always give it your all. Sometimes you only have 50% to give. Sometimes you can barely muster up 20%. On rare occasions you even have nothing left to give.

People have learned that they can never give less than 100%. Only more. And in all honesty.. it’s really nothing but a bunch of crap.

You’re allowed to be sick. You’re allowed to feel like you “can’t do the thing”. You’re allowed to give less that a 100 percent when you’re not feeling right. It’s okay to not be okay.

Sometimes.. you just have a bad day. Or had a bad night. Or you’re ill. Or you had a long frustrating day. Or your kids are driving you insane because they had a bad day.

There are many reasons for not feeling okay and they are legit. It’s only when the feeling won’t stop that it becomes a problem. When the feeling stagnates and turns into depression, that is when we need to seek help.

And that’s also okay. Sometimes you can’t help yourself and you need to seek outside help for a different perspective. Or just to vent. Or someone to help pick up the burden.

Life isn’t easy. We didn’t get this far just by relying on ourselves. Struggling on your own when you could easily find help so you don’t have to struggle yourself into a depression shouldn’t be looked down on. Having a depression shouldn’t be looked down on.

It’s okay to ask for help. There’s no need to face a breakdown on your own. Why would you need to suffer on your own? What’s the whole deal with having to prove you’re fine suffering on your own? Who even decided this load of crap?

It’s okay to not be okay. You can’t always be okay. That’s not how the brain works. Emotions are what makes us human. And sometimes our brain can’t cope with what we’re feeling and it fails us. And that’s ok.

Everyone has a different tolerance for many different reasons but everyone’s burden is valid. There’s no need to compare as everyone’s experiences are different and that’s okay. We’re all different and so are our experiences and tolerance levels.

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