What is “normal”?

I tried to write a post on what is normal but no idea what happened since I derailed so badly it hurts to look at the thing I left in my drafts. I can’t even get myself to rewrite it and I feel starting fresh might be a better idea.

So what is “normal”? How do we get to the decision on what is “normal” and what isn’t. Why do we decide that what isn’t “normal” is not acceptable? How does our brain make that weird jump? And why are we so intolerant to that which isn’t “normal”? When did we get so judgy?

Where I’m from people are usually more the type to go “not my life, not my business” so I grew up fairly tolerant. Obviously there are always people who seem so set on putting their nose in other people their business but the majority like to keep their nose out.

I grew up with the saying “each house bears their own cross” and I was raised Catholic (I’m atheist since my views don’t match with religions). When I was little I couldn’t comprehend why people complained about the differences of others. Does it even matter? Do you care that your neighbour prefers to wear a poncho? Or Crocs? Wouldn’t you just scoff at it and let it be?

Does it really matter that you don’t agree with the life choices of a person you don’t even know? So what if eating a pancake at breakfast isn’t “normal” to you but, maybe it’s normal for your neighbour? I grew up eating pancakes at either breakfast, lunch or dinner and it’s also seen as a desert so I can’t comprehend why people would insist you conform to what they think is normal.

Each culture has their differences. Each religion does. Each household. Even each person. Isn’t “normal” just “that which we know and are used to”? Since when is trying or seeing something different “wrong”?

Isn’t that just the same as saying “but it’s tradition”? Are we all going to keep being perpetually stuck in the past? Confirming to old outdated rules made by dead people? Isn’t life constantly changing? Aren’t people constantly changing? Isn’t science also constantly improving?

Change is inevitable no matter how much you try to stick to the past. Wouldn’t you just regret dying while hating on everyone and everything that don’t conform to your view on what’s “normal”? Why would you even want that?

Even the things that are “normal” will slowly change and you can try to stop it but how far can you really go to stop change? How far will you go to force your “normal” onto others?

I think we’re all tired of living according to other people’s rules. We’re all tired of this box called “normal”. Everywhere there are traces of people who are tired. Exhausted. Worn out. Frustrated at being forced to conform to a “normal” that they inherently reject.

What is “normal”? And who decided that?

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