Triggers & things I like.

Noise above a certain pitch, smacking, snoring, wet hands, chaos, dishonesty, being touched or approached by non approved people, unpredictable things, people who expect energy from me, uncomfortable situations, being the centre of attention.

Drawing, reading, listening to music, writing poetry, spending time with my family, spending time at my in-laws house, spending time alone.

It doesn’t feel too hard to find what triggers me but I can’t stop thinking “does this really trigger me or do I just think it’s annoying”. I keep trying to downplay everything to make it less worse but it doesn’t really make it less worse at all.

How do I battle this? How do I stop this mindset? How can I stop coping by pretending that my genuinely shitty situation, which I would definitely be heartbroken by if it happened to someone else, isn’t “that bad, it could be worse”?

Just because it got me through my teenage years doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

I’ll need to write down some pointed questions to ask the psychologist so I might post a list here to gather them to email them to her later.

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