I feel like utter rubbish. There’s a ball of fierce anger in me and it won’t go away. I don’t have tolerance for anything that, I’m just angry the entire time. Nothing can calm me down, everything just sets me off.

I’m so very tired of things right now. Of home. Work. My relationship. Living together. Everything, even myself. I just want to quit everything.. but, that’s not possible. I’m going through the motions day by day, one step at a time because there’s no other option. Bills still need to be paid. Laundry still needs to be done.

So i just keep going. On and on and on while i feel myself slowly breakin and even then, I’ll keep on going. I guess until i can no longer bear it. Until I’ve broken into a million pieces. There’s no breaks on life. Life doesn’t care if you need to pause your shit to pick yourself up.

I’ve been fighting back my rage and tears all day now. I wonder how much longer it takes for me to lose it. What will be the thing that triggers into breaking down.. i wonder.

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