I am tired. I am mostly alright. Right now.. i am not ok. I’m so tired every single day I’m surprised i haven’t broken down yet. Sure, I’ve broken small pieces of myself.. but i haven’t yet broken down entirely. I can’t just “give up”, that’s not how i am so i just keep going one day at a time.

Why am i not ok, you ask? Because my health is crap. My house is a mess. My body is breaking down slowly and my sanity is slowly eroding.. ok so maybe the eroding part isn’t entirely true…. I just feel that way sometimes tho. Just ready to throw in the towel at short notice but.. not that it stops life from continuing. Life doesn’t care if i have a mental breakdown or not. Life just goes on.

Just have to push through.. hope for the best.. hope my body doesn’t abandon me entirely. Hope things won’t get worse then this.

I’m just so tired… But tomorrow is another day. Just have to stay positive.

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